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Cooperatives takes stock of the harvest campaign in Castilla-La Mancha with a harvest of almost 20 million hl of wine and must

Agro-food cooperatives of Castilla-La Mancha met this Wednesday at the Cooperative Ntra. Ms. Manjavacas, from the town of Mota del Cuervo, to the presidents and managers of the wineries-cooperatives of the region to participate in the sectoral wine meeting in which the harvest campaign in Castile was analyzedLa Mancha, which is almost complete.


A meeting in which the forecasts that the organization had already advanced before the beginning of the campaign were confirmed and which range between 19.5 and 20 million hl of wine and must harvested. This figure reaches 36-36.5 million hl.

A harvest 10% lower than last year, caused mainly by the high temperatures of the months of June, July and August, as well as the lack of rainfall throughout the year, as recognized during the meeting the wine spokesman of Cooperatives Agro-Castilla-La Mancha, Juan Fuente, and the organization’s sectoral technician, Bienvenido Amorós.

Production may be moderate in almost all areas (regional, national and European). In addition, starting stocks may be a liability for the 2022/23 marketing year. Although Spain, according to Infovi at 31 July 2022, would have arrived with 36.35 million hl of wine, one less than the previous year (total: 1.286 million hl less wine and must); Italy has increased by 2,France has difficulty in placing on the market a certain accumulation of rosé and red wines, so it is the starting stocks that may be weighing on the European market at the beginning of the marketing year.

From the wine sector of Cooperatives Agro-alimentary Castilla-La Mancha assured that the key to this campaign will be the production of quality wines with grapes that are received with greater balance between sugar and acidity, Bringing to must both red and white grapes that do not complete their ripening or become unbalanced upon arrival at the winery. For this reason, “the production of grape juice could be key this vintage, a product that has worked very well during the pandemic, and that, due to the shortage of fruit in Europe by the spring frosts, the grape may have a unique opportunity to cover this gap”, said the cooperative spokesman.

Regarding the market situation, the wine spokesman of the cooperative organization stressed that “they are quite calm” due to the complicated time the world lives. Even so, he said that some small operations are being made in fresh must, while long-term purchases still continue in “stand by”, waiting for the grapes of the main European producing countries to decant.



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