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Wine exports fall 15% in volume in July, the worst data since 2018

Spanish wine exports fell 15% in volume last July, to 182.6 million liters (32.4 million less), which is the worst data since the same month of 2018, reported on Thursday the Spanish Wine Market Observatory (OEMV).


In terms of turnover, on the contrary, records were broken again, as happened last April, May and June, and 2022 was the best month in July of the historical series in terms of value, 264.8 million euros, 2.8% more, due to widespread inflation.

In the first seven months of 2022, Spain exported 1,204.3 million liters of wine (+11.6%) worth 1,700.1 million euros (+4%), which is 157.9 million liters less, but 63.6 million euros more than in the first seven months of 2021.

By product, it is bulk wines (+12.5%) and sparkling wines (+9.5%), which contribute the most to the overall growth in value in that seven-month period, which translates into 35 and 23.8 million euros respectively.

In volume, it is the bulk wines (-13%), together with the packaged still wines (-14%), which lead the losses, falls that represent 100.35 and 60 million liters less, respectively.

By markets, in the case of bulk wine, it is Italy, Portugal, Germany and France that fell the most in volume, not buying between four 74.1 million liters in these first seven months of the year.

France and Germany also increased their bulk spending in Spain the most (18.3 million euros France and 9.2 million euros Germany), while Portugal increased it by 1.8 million euros and Italy was the only one to reduce it (-3.6 million euros).

As regards the year-on-year data as of July 2022, Spain exported 2,140.6 million litres (-4%), worth 2,942.9 million euros (+5%).



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