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They approve to create a Special Commission of Follow-up of the XII edition of Fenavin

It will take place from 9 to 11 May 2023 with the aim of breaking new records in the Spanish wine business.


The Provincial Corporation has officially joined this morning the institutional work in the Diputación de Ciudad Real after the summer period with the celebration of an ordinary plenary in which, Among other things, it approved the creation of a Follow-up Commission for the next edition of the National Wine Fair, which will take place from 9 to 11 May 2023.

This new body, which will meet when necessary but must be convened at least once a quarter, will allow the political groups represented in the provincial institution to know the efforts carried out by the organization of FENAVIN.

Caballero welcomed the creation of the commission. He has said that the fair serves, works and fulfills the commercial and commercial objective with which it was born. It contributes to creating wealth in many households in the province and the region linked to wine from the vineyard to the table. It is, as he has said, «guarantee of success» and has affirmed that in 2023 will work to pulverize all the records obtained to date in number of buyers, exhibitors and turnover.

He assured that with the launch of the committee the political groups will participate in the day to day of the fair, while contributing to make more transparent the management of the fair. Caballero believes that this organ is important because it will serve to correctly define the future of FENAVIN.

In order to take the best decision in this regard, the president of the provincial institution understands that it is essential the consensus and the involvement of all the administrations and entities of foreign trade that can contribute to the upward trajectory that accredits FENAVIN. «In the next legislature has to consider a management model that transcends the Council, we have to generate a tool to match», he said.

The Special Information Commission of FENAVIN 2023 will be chaired by the president of the Diputación de Ciudad Real, José Manuel Caballero, who, as with the other commissions, may delegate the presidency. It will be composed of four Members of the Socialist Group and three Members of the People’s Group. In addition, the director of the fair will attend the sessions for information purposes.

FENAVIN is the most important wine fair in Spain, as it has the national leadership in business and participation of wineries. It is one of the most recognized national and international wine culture discussion, dissemination and promotion events in Europe. The fundamental reason for this evidence is its management strategy, which has as its fundamental purpose that the participating wineries can make sufficient business contacts (seller-buyer) so that real business options emerge with a high success rate. The celebration of the eleventh edition last May has meant a «spectacular» increase in overseas sales of wine from Castilla-La Mancha.

The Plenary has approved, on the other hand, the granting of a nominative grant of 25,000 euros to the Association of Barmans of Castilla-La Mancha, as organizing entity of the LXVII Spanish Cocktails Championship, which will be held in the fair pavilion of Ciudad Real from 27 November to 2 December.

It is an important event around which six competitions will determine the best bartender and the best young bartender in Spain -of less than 27 years- and will also take place the Classic Cocktail Championship for Barmans and Young Barmans qualifying for the world championship.

An exclusive competition with drinks made from some of the grape components of the wineries and cooperatives of the province of Ciudad Real has also been scheduled, as there are many that produce sweet wines, mistelas, vermouth, liqueurs and marc.

Among other things, the Plenary has also been informed of the Annual Financial Control Plan, whose basic objective is to verify compliance with the legality and fiscal regulations; to verify that the economic management of the Provincial Council is efficient and effective; the continuous improvement of economic-financial management procedures; and the detection of errors, deviations and areas likely to be improved both in the Diputación de Ciudad Real and in the autonomous bodies and consortia.

It has also proceeded to the approval of an amendment of appropriations that, in addition to other actions, the allocation of funds of the Diputación to the rehabilitation and recovery of the Hall of receptions of the Provincial Palace, the room that suffered the detachment of part of the ceiling in which the canvas in which Andrade represented Don Quixote and Clavileño was attached. Last Holy Week also affected the flanks on which the shields of the judicial parties that were then in the province are represented.

The modified appropriations also include provisions for the geopark project, as the project financial table is being redesigned to reflect the actual needs of this important initiative.




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