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The world trade of Spanish wine to exceed €3,000 million

Despite a context of inflation and global recession, Spanish wine manages to raise prices and increase its profitability in the international market.


In the last 12 months, with data as of June 2022, Spanish wine has increased its turnover by 5% in international trade to almost reach 3,000 million euros.

This is one of the main conclusions of the latest economic report that the MVO has just made public with data from last June. Specifically, exports of Spanish wine collected 2,935.8 million euros, although the amount of wine sold abroad was slightly lower (-1.4%) with a total of 2,173 million liters.

An increase in the value achieved thanks to an increase in prices, and all this despite the context of global inflation.

The bulk of these sales were mainly for packaged wine which achieved a figure of €2,432.2 million, while bulk only earned the remaining €503.6 million. The packaged wines represent 83% of the total turnover of Spanish wine exports, partly because of its average price that has revalued 9.4% to 2.54 €/liter, while the Spanish bulk is sold at only 0.41 € per liter.

For the first half of the year, January to June 2022, the figures showed an increase in turnover of 4.1%, to 1,435.3 million €.

As a significant fact, the OEMV highlights in its report the good figures of the month of June this year that has been the best June in history with the highest turnover, reaching the record figure of 274.6 million €.

As for destinations, as we see in the table below, USA. is the most profitable country for Spanish wine with an expenditure of 193 million euros in the first half of 2022, followed by Germany, France and the United Kingdom. In addition, in the reference period, Mexico has been the country with the highest growth, almost 60% more than in the previous period. Also noteworthy are the increases of Sweden, Japan and France, above all 20%. On the other hand, turnover is falling sharply in Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Russia, China and Italy.




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