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The volume of wine consumed in Hospitality grows at a rate of 41% in the year to May

High growth of wine consumption by reactivation of tourism.


As we have been publishing in SeVi, wine consumption in Spain grew in the TAM as of May 2022 by 11.1%, to reach 10.44 million hectolitres, according to the latest market economic report that the Spanish Interprofessional Wine (OIVE) has made available to the sector (Infovi data until May 2022). The stabilization trend continues after the recovery achieved during 2021 after a 2020 complicated by restrictions arising from the pandemic of Covid-19, which particularly affected the Hospitality channel.

According to the report on consumption analysis, prepared by the Spanish Wine Market Observatory (OEMV), by channels, and according to data from Nielsen IQ for the TAM Apr-May 22, there has been a growth of 40.8% in wine consumption in Hospitality and a fall of 6,6% in Food. In any case, what is earned in Hospitality is more than what is not sold in Food, since, according to Nielsen IQ, the overall consumption of both channels grew by 4.9%. In value, spending on wine made in Hospitality at current prices grew 47.8%, while spending on food fell 2.9%.



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