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The MAPA analyzes with the sector the wine season 2021/2022 and the prospects of the next

The Director General of Agricultural Productions and Markets, Esperanza Orellana, presided today, by videoconference, the meeting of the Sectoral Table of Wine, in which he has analyzed with the representative organizations of the sector the campaign 2021/2022 and the prospects of the next season.

This meeting revealed the increase in the outflows of wine, after the decline in marketing caused by the crisis caused by the COVID-19. Meanwhile, the stocks of wine and must at the end of May are 43.14 million hectolitres, 6% lower than the previous marketing year on the same date.

Similarly, the important revaluation of wines experienced since November 2021 has been highlighted, since in May 2022 its unit price was 17% above the average of the same month, reaching 1.36 euros per liter.

With regard to the new harvest, the sector has put on the table the uncertainty that exists due to the effects of the heat wave that hits the producing areas, and that makes it difficult to draw conclusions regarding future production.

In the course of the meeting, the Director General of Agricultural Production and Markets reported on the status of processing of the developing legislation related to viticulture. In this sense, Esperanza Orella recalled that the ministry is immersed in the processing of the regulatory package for the implementation of the CAP Strategic Plan for Spain, once it has obtained the approval of the European Commission for its presentation.

The new CAP concerns both the system of authorisations for vineyards and the specific sectoral intervention, hitherto known as the Support Programme for the Wine Sector (PASVE), which is now identified as Sector Sectoral Intervention (ISV). Also important for winegrowers are decoupled interventions related to ecoremediation or basic support for sustainability income, whose regulatory development was initiated by the public consultation procedure on 21 July.

In addition, the Director General has reported on the state of development of the REDES TECO-Viña project, which is promoted by the ministry in order to obtain a technical and economic analysis tool for farms, framed in the recognized and already experienced agrobusiness technique, the definition of typical holdings (agribenchmarking methodology), and in the development of which the active participation of the sector is essential. This tool makes it possible to obtain and compare economic parameters of the farms in the sector, such as production costs or revenues.



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