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Spain recorded its best first half of the historical series in terms of value, with a turnover of €1,435 million (+4%)

The month of June 2022 was, according to data collected in a report prepared by the Spanish Wine Market Observatory, the month of June of the historical series with the highest turnover, reaching the record figure of 274.6 million € (+7.3% or €18.7 million more than in June 2021). In terms of volume, however, foreign wine sales fell by -10%, to 190.7 million litres (-21.3 million).


As for the first half of 2022, it closed with an increase in turnover of 4.1%, to 1,435.3 million € (+56.4 million €) and a fall in export volume of -10.9%, to 1,021.7 million liters (-125.5 million).

Regarding the first eleven months of the 2021/22 campaign (August 2021 to June 2022), they show an increase in sales in value (+5.2%) and a fall in volume of -2.9%. They stood at € 2,678.1 million (+132.7 million) and 1,958 million litres (-59.1 million).

Finally, the interannual data as of June 2022 are negative again in volume (-1.7%), after 14 consecutive months in positive. In terms of value, they increased by 5%. They stood at €2,935.8 million (+€138.7 million) and 2,173 million litres (-37 million).

From the traditional division of the data into two large groups (packaged and bulk), we find that the packaged wines have grown in value (+4.2%) but have lost 4.7% in volume, revalorizing their average price by 9.4%. Its exports stood, in the year-on-year to June 2022, at € 2,432.2 million and 957.6 million litres, with an average price of € 2.54/litre. In other words, 47.5 million litres of less bottled wine were exported, but €98.1 million more was invoiced for their exports.

Bulk wines, on the other hand, grew both in volume (+0.9%) and in value (+8.8%), also increasing their average price (+7.8%), to 41 cents per litre.

Packaged wines represent 83% of the total turnover of Spanish wine exports, and bulk wines, 56% of the total volume of wine exported in the year-on-year to JUNE 2022.




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