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Nearly half of Europe is «at risk» of drought

About 46% of the territory of the European Union (EU) is «at risk» of suffering drought after a lack of prolonged rainfall, the European Commission reported on Monday, while the continent is hit by an extreme heat wave.


Almost half of the EU is exposed to drought levels considered to be at risk, which means a significant soil moisture deficit, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) said in its July report, according to AFP news agency.

Meanwhile, 11% is on alert, with vegetation and crops weakened by the lack of water, added the report of that service of the European Union.

«France, Romania, Spain, Portugal and Italy will probably have to face a fall in crop productivity», especially of cereals, generated by the «water and thermal stress», stressed the Community Executive.

For their part, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia have also been affected, while the Po basin in Italy «faces the highest level of severe drought» in the EU, due to a «severe drought» declared in five Italian regions, said the European Commission.

The situation is also difficult in the Iberian Peninsula, where the «conditions for forest fires» exist, added experts from the Joint Research Centre.

«In Spain, the volumes of water stored in the reservoirs are currently 31%, below the average of the last decade», they said.



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