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March put a brake on the good outlook for wine exports for the year and for the 2021/22 marketing year

Spanish wine exports are slowing down. Alert in the sector on the eve of the grape harvest.


The month of March slowed down the good performance of exports in 2022 and in what we are campaigning. It happened the opposite in the same month last year, when it reached a record in value (264 M€) and was one of the best, also, in volume (210.1 Mltr). This evolution represents a reality bath for the sector in a month, undoubtedly quite complicated at commercial level, due to all the economic uncertainties that has brought us the Russian invasion in Ukraine, increasing the cost of production/processing and problems in transport logistics.

According to the detailed analysis of the Spanish Wine Market Observatory (OEMV), based on statistical data from Customs and the Tax Agency (AEAT), the significant improvement in average prices was not enough to raise the export bill for our wines and derivatives, because the fall in volumes sent abroad was much higher.



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