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Argentina and U.S. export less wine in 2022, but bill more

Argentina and the United States export less wine in 2022, but bill more. This is one of the main conclusions that can be obtained from two reports on sales abroad of these countries recently published by the Spanish Wine Market Observatory.



The reduction in sales of bulk wine to Canada is the main cause of the reduction in volume of Argentine exports.

Argentina reduced its wine exports in terms of volume (-10.7%) and increased them by a slight 0.8% in value, thanks to an increase in the average price of 12.9%. They stood at 126.6 million liters (-15.2 million liters), worth almost 385 million dollars (+2.9 million), at an average price of 3.04 USD/liter (+35 cents).

Bulk wine led the fall in volume (-31% or 14.5 million liters less), after the collapse recorded in Canada (-10.4 million liters), United Kingdom (-4.6 million) or China (-2.6 million).


According to the OeMV report, the export of wine from the United States is the worst in the first half of the last 20 years, but it is the best in terms of the amounts sold abroad.

The United States reduced the volume of wine exported in the first half of 2022 by 4.6% to 153.3 million litres. However, its turnover increased by 11.1% to 786.6 million dollars, when the average price rose by 16.4% to 5.13 USD/liter.

It has been the worst first semester in volume since 2002, but the best ever in value.





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