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Agroalimentary Cooperatives trusts that the Law of the Vine and Wine of Castilla-La Mancha will help them to be more competitive

The president of the entity, Angel Villafranca, trusts that “offer the support needed by the sector”.


“Having our own law will help in this new stage in which wine has to remain the center of our decisions”. They are words of the president of Cooperatives Agroalimentarias of Castilla-La Mancha, Angel Villafranca in the space ‘Between Wines’ of Today for Today Ciudad Real. With it we have addressed what will be the newly published Law of the Vine and Wine. “It must make us more competitive, be able to be in all markets and transfer the profitability we need”, said Villafranca who ensures that we should congratulate ourselves that the law is already active for this harvest campaign.

A regulation that incorporates mechanisms to promote transparency in price formation and regulates the procedures for the authorization of new varieties and oenological practices that may give rise to new wines. Labelling is extended to include names of greater or lesser scope than protected geographical indications and mechanisms such as the QR code are incorporated to improve the traceability of wine.

It also regulates the creation of an interprofessional wine at the request of the sector. ” Anything to open a table where all the actors can sit, all the operators who have something to say in Castilla-La Mancha. Being able to structure ourselves and make our wine increase value and have a greater profitability to not only cover costs, but also make profit for the winegrower, wineries and cooperatives is important in the path that opens and with which the sector has to work”, he added.

With the president of the Wine Section of Dcoop, the largest multi-sectoral cooperative in Spain, we talked about how the first days of the harvest are turning out in the region.




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