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A Spanish project creates the digital seal of wine

Using artificial intelligence algorithms and technologies, such as blockchain, the initiative coordinates an international initiative to create a digital seal of wine.


The quantification of the quality of the wine and the valorization of the production process is one of the most difficult tasks for the wine industry.

Therefore, an international initiative coordinated by the URV (Rovira i Virgili University) works to develop a platform that allows high quality wine producers to digitally certify their elaborations, protect their high quality label, guarantee ecological standards and facilitate access to foreign markets with digitally accredited certificates.

The multidisciplinary team of experts that are part of this project is headed by the researcher of the Department of Physical and Inorganic Chemistry Vladimir Baulin and, through the WineCreators platform, apply artificial intelligence techniques and implement digital technologies, such as blockchain.

Throughout the process, the producer can certify and demonstrate their regenerative farming practices. «They also have the opportunity to share knowledge of cocreation with other producers, since this transition to regenerative agriculture requires a global change towards quality and ecological standards», explains Vladimir Baulin.

The project establishes a method to digitally measure and certify the quality of the wine, and to give value to the creation process with the massive recording of critical data. «For example, through sensors, cameras and weather stations, various aspects can be documented throughout the production process, which will provide valuable information to all stakeholders when making decisions», says Baulin.

According to the researcher, this initiative will be useful for producers when deciding on their harvest or high quality wines produced; for customers, who will have access to secure information about the product, as well as for other agents related to the world of wine or wine tourism.

The technologies applied in the framework of this project will guarantee the origin and the processes in the production, but also to compare producers and products and predict the quality of wine by objective criteria of analysis of massive data using artificial intelligence algorithms.

The project plans to create uniform, standardized and harmonized databases related to wine quality, prepared for machine learning analysis. This standardization of data entries opens the possibility of expanding and expanding the platform in European vineyards.

It also offers producers instant feedback in the form of visual information with which they can control data processed from different sources. This knowledge will make it possible to optimise and guide disease control and plant treatment solutions.

In this initiative, Digital footprint of wine quality and valorization feedback in blockchain, coordinated by the URV, fourteen international partners participate, representatives of different disciplines such as microbiology, computing, business or economics.




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