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2021 brought happiness to international wine buyers.

After the fall in sales that occurred in 2020, 2021 came with recovery and growth, with historical highs in marketing.


An exercise 2020 that will go down in history by the global pandemic of Covid-19, more protectionist measures in some of the main markets for wine globally (R. United, USA, China or Russia, to name a few) conditioned, as we saw, to the decrease of the world purchases of wine; but gave way to a 2021 in which the purchases reached historical highs, surpassing with surprising agility, until reaching a volume of 34.325 million euros (+15%), valued of 10.942,3 million euros (+5.8%). In fact, this «boom» experienced by wine after the fateful 2020 raised the average price of global purchases to 3.14 euros per liter, revaluing 8.7% and setting a new record.

For products, the recovery of wines with higher added value stands out. Thus, the calm packaged wine, which remains the predominant product in international trade recovered 12.8% in terms of value to 23,583.5 million euros; while the sparkling wine was remade from the crisis growing 34,8% up to 7,482.1 million euros and setting its historic maximum. Bag in box (which was one of the great revelations during the confinements in pandemic) and bulk lost economic value in world purchases until 655.3 million euros (-1.8%) and 2,473.9 million € (-4.9%). The must, meanwhile, increased by 3.8% its total value to 130.3 million euros.

The United States, the United Kingdom and Germany are the countries that made the largest investment in foreign wine in the world. With a remarkable rebound of purchases from the US, once the tariffs imposed on part of European wine by the Trump Administration have been exceeded. Thus their purchases grew above 21.5% to 5,977.6 million euros (17.41% of the world total). More moderate increases showed R. United (+7.7%), with 3,949.7 million euros, while Germany grew 6.6% and invested 2,808.5 million euros in imported wine.

China, in 7th place in value and 6th in volume, remains negative, with declines of 10.5% in euros, although the declines are more moderate in volume (-1.4%).

In volume, the ranking is headed by Germany, U.S. and United Kingdom. The three with positive sign. The German market demanded 0.9% more wine and bought 1,468.7 million liters. Even more dynamic was the import from the US, with increases of 13.1%, while the United Kingdom fell to the third position with 1,320.1 Mltr (-6.8%). These three markets account for 38% of the wine that moves internationally. Highlights the strong increase in purchases from Italy, but low price wine.

Spanish wine, in the international context represents 22.28% of the volume, but only maintains a market share of 8.5% in terms of value.

These positive international dynamics during 2021 are threatened during this year 2022, mainly by inflationary trends in several markets, partly motivated by increases in input prices, by the energy price crisis, international transport and, fundamentally, the war caused by the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.



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